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 Topics and Speeches

1st Jerusalem Summit. Topics and Speeches

Crisis in Morality and International Policy: How Israel can be a solution
Ramifications of a Palestinian state
Alternatives to Oslo
Dmitry Radyshevsky
Goals of the Summit
Prof. Daniel Pipes
Rethinking the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Frank Gaffney
President, Center for Security Policy.
The Arab Israeli Conflict - the Key to Fighting International Terrorism
Hon. Richard Perle
Member of the Defense Policy Board
Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes Cal Thomas
Syndicated Columnist, Fox News Host.
The Road Map: Another folly
Benjamin Netanyahu
The Failure of the U.N. in Dealing with the Global Moral Crisis
Morris Amitay
Vice Chairman, JINSA
Prof. Raphael Israeli
Truman Institute for Peace.
Principles for a Just Peace in -the Middle East
Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS)
US Senate
Paul Cerjan
U.S. Army General (Ret)
Benny Elon
Minister of Tourism.
The Right Road to Peace: Presentation of the Elon Peace Initiative
Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY)
US Congress
Yossef Bodansky
Director of The Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare at the US House of Representatives
Dr. Yuval Arnon-Ohana
Yehuda & Shomron College.
The Mosaic Sovereignty Concept
Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen
Gathering Nations in Jerusalem
Itamar Marcus
Palestinian Media Watch
Prof. Talia Einhorn
Tel-Aviv Univ ersity.
Legal perspectives of the Arab-Israeli conflict
Avigdor Lieberman
Minister of Transportation
Brig. Gen. (Res.) Dr. Aharon Lev-Ran
former Senior Intelligence Officer,
Strategy and National Defense
Dr. Atalia Ben-Meir
Researcher ACPR
Dr. Uzi Landau
Minister for Strategic Cooperation between the U.S. and Israel
"Finding the Right Road to Peace"
Israel Harel
Essayist, Columnist
Yossi Ben Aharon
Former CEO Prime Minister Office
Mike Evans
President, Jerusalem Prayer Team Perpetuating Moral Values In Difficult Times
Prof. Eliyahu Kanovsky
(Bar-Ilan University)
Dr. Alexander Bligh
College of Judea and Samaria
Ehud Olmert
Jerusalem as the Moral Alternative
Debra Bodlander
Senior Middle East Policy Advisor,
The Gilman Group
Dr. Rand Fishbein
Fishbein Consulting Associates Inc.
Dr. Avi Beker
UNRWA: Perpetuating the Refugee Problem: Incubating Terror
Dr. Mordechai Nisan
Hebrew University
Uri Elitzur
Essayist, Columnist
Morton Klein
President, ZOA
Dr. David Bukay
University of Haifa
Herbert Zweibon
President, Americans For A Safe Israel
Clarence Wagner
International Director, Bridges for Peace
Dr. Martin Sherman
Tel-Aviv University
Amb. Zalman Shoval
Former Ambassador of Israel to the United States
Bringing the World to understand the immorality of anti-Zionism
The Moslem World: Prospects of democratization and overcoming hatred of Zionism
Rev. Malcolm Hedding
Executive Director, ICEJ
Michael Widlanski
Hebrew University
Steve Rodan
Middle East News Line
Uri Lupolianski
Mayor of Jerusalem
Rijk Van Dam
Dutch Member of European Parliament
Dr. K.P.S Gill
Institute for Conflict Management, India
Dr. Hillel Fradkin
President, Ethics & Public Policy Center
Dr. Joel Fishman
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
Prof. Johnny Swails
Oral Roberts University
Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin
Dean, Ohr Torah Institutions
Yoram Ettinger
former Minister for Congressional Affairs
at Israel's Embassy in US
Dr. Aharon Yaffe
The International Policy Institute for Counter Terrorism at the In-disciplinary Center
Dr. Ron Breiman
Professors for Strong Israel
Elyakim Ha'etzni
Attorney, former Knesset Member
Dr. Justus Reid Weiner
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Prof. Paul Eidelberg
A New Dark Age

Academia: Researching truth or breeding hatred? A European perspective
Peace Against Truth: When Peace Movements Reinforce Evil
Media: Recognizing truth in the news
Prof. Wolf Moskovich
Hebrew University
Member Moderator: John Batchelor
ABC Radio
Prof. Joel Kotek
(Centre d'Etudes Juives Contemporaines de Paris)
Prof. Shlomo Sharan
Tel-Aviv University
David Aikman
Prof. Otto Luthar
(Slovenian Academy of Science)
Irit Linor Bret Stephens
Jerusalem Post, editor-in-chief
Mihajlo Mihajlov
(Professor & author, Belgrade)
Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld
American Center for Democracy
John Loftus
Prof. Arieh Zaritsky
(Ben Gurion University of the Negev)
Laurence Weinbaum
World Jewish Congress, Jerusalem
Moving the Summit Forward
    Mandell I. Ganchrow
MD; Executive Vice President, Religious Zionists of America, Board Member of AIPAC
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