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Nagi N. Najjar

Mr. Najjar was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1964 and is a Lebanese Christian Orthodox currently living in USA. He attended and the Roosevelt University Chicago, Illinois as a Business major. He is a Board Member of the French College Protestant Francais. He is also the owner of M & R General Trading Inc., investing predominately in Real Estate in California. A member of the old generation of the Lebanese Forces officers, he served for many of the Lebanese War years in Intelligence. Najjar published the famous book "From Israel to Damascus" by Mr. Robert Hatem and "Cobra". He also defended Ariel Sharon against Human Right Watch, the Lebanese and Syrian Governments, and Europe, when they tried to implicate the current Israeli Prime Minister in the Sabra and Shatilla affair. In 2000, during President Clinton's administration, Najjar hosted a meeting in US Congress with the help of Yossef Bodansky, Congressman Saxton and Congressman McCollumn, who were attempting to save the fate of Southern Lebanon. He has helped the US Government and intelligence agencies on issues regarding Islamic Terrorism in Lebanon and the Middle East. From 1998 he served as Executive Director of the Lebanese Foundation for Peace and since 2000 he has been the Executive Director of the Government of Free Lebanon in Exile.

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