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Brig. General (Res.) Dr. Aharon Lev-Ran

Brigadier General (Res.) Aharon Levran completed 29 years of service in the Israel Defense Forces in 1984. His last posting in the IDF included Deputy Chief of Military Intelligence in charge of Operational Intelligence, and Deputy Commandant of National Defense College. Since his retirement from the IDF - and particularly during the Gulf crisis and war - he has been a strategic commentator for both Israeli and foreign media.
Currently Gen. Levran is a researcher, consultant, and lecturer on Strategy and National Defense. Following the Oslo Agreement, Levran founded and lead "The Security Forum for National Strength" which is composed of high-ranking officers and security experts.
General Levran was born in 1932. He is married, father of two, and resides in Kfar Saba, Israel.

Highlights of the speech
Jerusalem Summit-2003:
A Disaster Foretold: the Strategic Dangers of a Palestinian State
This article is an excerpt from the book, ISRAEL AND A PALESTINIAN STATE: ZERO SUM GAME?, ACPR Publishers & Zmora Bitan Publishers, 2001, Hardcover (Large format), 532 pages.

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