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Option to Participate and Register

Dear friend,
We are glad to see that you are considering attendance of the Jerusalem Summit 2.
Here we have for you all the relevant information regarding prices for sessions, registration and rules of participation.

Arrow If you are coming from another country then we have put together a package for you of $1500 that includes:

1) 4 nights at Jerusalem’s oldest, deluxe 5 star hotel-King David (from Sat. Nov. 27-Wed. Nov. 31)
2) Attendance of all the sessions.
3) Formal reception on eve of Nov.27 th, all meals, coffee breaks and entertainment (tentative)

Arrow If you have decided to attend, please contact JSCoordinator at: for registration, payment details and booking.

Arrow If you are currently in Israel and do not need the hotel or would like to make your own hotel arrangements, or an Israeli, then 3 day full participation and the formal reception is $700 (3500 shekels).

This year participation is limited to 60 guests (observers per session) all-together from Israel and overseas, so registration will be done on first-register-first-come basis. There will be a thorough security check by us, so be prepared to send your photograph and passport number (by email) to the coordinator. Your information will be kept private, used only by Jerusalem Summit Coordinator and kept only up to the day of your arrival.

Arrow If you are an Israeli and would like to attend specific sessions then entrance to each session is 600sh.(including coffee breaks) or 1000sh. for the full day of sessions.

Arrow If you decide to dine at Kind David so that you can hear the guest-speaker then the ticket to each meal that follows the session can be purchased for 250sh. at the Summit Registration Desk or 400sh for both lunch and dinner. You do not have to pre-pay it and can decide not to dine, but you do have to register for it prior.

There will be a very high security check and nobody that has not registered will be able to come in!!

The space is very limited and the security check does take time, so if you have decided to be our guest at the Jerusalem Summit 2, do not hold off any longer and contact the coordinator today!

We apologize in advance but questions, requests, and remarks not pertinent directly to confirming your participation at the Summit will not be answered for the lack of time availability.

Jerusalem Summit Staff

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