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Israel's Geographic Imperative – Pictures Worth a 1000 Words

Proponents of Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria often cite the Demographic Imperative as the reason for their position.

There is, however, an equally grave, menacing – and more immediate – imperative that militates strongly against such withdrawal.
This is the Geographic Imperative – which needs to be addressed before any responsible Israeli government can contemplate relinquishing control of Judea and Samaria (the “West Bank”), from which ALL of the following will be in range of weapons being used today against Israel from territories relinquished to Palestinian rule (misrule?):
 • Major Airfields (Civilian and Military) including the Country’s only International Airport
 • Major Sea Ports and Naval Bases
 • Vital Infrastructure Installations
 • Main Land Transport Routes (Road and Rail)
 • Principal Power Plants
 • The Nation’s Parliament
 • Centers of Government and Military Command
 • 80% of the Civilian Population and of the Commercial Activity in the Country.

The accompanying photographs, taken from sites close to the Palestinian villages Rantis and A-Luban – and the Jewish settlements of Beit Aryeh and Ofarim – areas designated for the Palestinian State envisioned in the “Peace Process”, illustrate graphically the gravity of the Geographic Imperative and the potential perils involved in not addressing it.

They reveal vividly just how exposed and vulnerable vital strategic locations and major urban population centers would be, should Israel transfer control of the highlands east of the coastal plan to a Palestinian regime – and demonstrate dramatically the commanding view the Palestinians would have of:
 • The Main Terminal and Runway at Ben-Gurion Airport
 • Planes Taking Off On Runway of Ben-Gurion Airport
 • The Main Terminal at Ben-Gurion Airport
 • Azrieli Towers and Central Tel Aviv
 • Diamond Exchange Area, Ramat Gan
 • Reading Power Station and North Dan Region

(All photos by Hagai Nativ. Thanks to Col. (res.) Yehoar Gal, who helped organize the trip and choose the locations.)

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