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Dmitry Radyshevsky

Speech in London

Ladies and Gentlemen:

20 years ago I was a young reporter for Moscow News, a weekly that was in the vanguard of perestroika. It helped open a floodgate of freedom of speech for everyone in Russia, and “everyone” included a lot of unsavory elements, including neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic groups.

I went to interview the leader of one of these groups. He kept telling me that all the Mother Russia’s problems come from the conspiracy of Jews and Protestants. Sometimes he called it a Yid-Masonic plot.

He was utterly deranged. Soon after that he was arrested for incitement for pogroms. Subsequently he hanged himself in his cell. In his death note he said he could no longer stand the taunting of his cellmates… they called him - “a Jew”. A man who had dedicated his life to hating the Jews could not bear this ultimate insult. God has a good sense of humor, hasn’t he?

Why did I remember this madman? Recently I saw a film about Islam in England on your Channel Four. This film shows an imam in a mosque not far from here, and he talks about the same sinister Judeo-Christian plot… This time against Islam.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think our greatest problem is that unfortunately we do NOT have such a plot, or, rather, a battle-field alliance between the Jews and the Christians.

We have had centuries of enmity borne out of Theology of Contempt and the Replacement Theology – but we are getting over it. Thanks to Christian Zionists we start experiencing mutual affection and love – a natural love between the trunk of the olive tree and its grafted branches.

But we do not have a battle alliance yet. We do not have a common plan to defend our city that we share, a city that is under siege – a city called Biblical civilization.

Jerusalem Summit is a think-tank and a forum that brings together experts, academics, politicians, and men of faith in order to develop that common strategy. We have held summits in Asia and Africa , because Biblical civilization is under assault the world over, but wherever we went we discovered that, unlike us, our enemy has a stronger unity in his ranks and a better battle plan.

Let’s first talk about the unity in the ranks of our foes. The unity of the LEFT and the ISLAMISTS.

It is the most puzzling question. What is the basis for this perverted alliance? Islamists hate the very lifestyle of leftist liberal atheists and will put an end to it within five minutes of coming to power.

The real glue that holds this union together is the hatred of the God of the Bible and the refusal to follow HIS path. This is the path of individual dialogue with the Creator, individual partnership with Him and individual responsibility to Him. This is the path where you have to make sure that your every step meets His expectations – where you labor with your Soul. It’s a hard labor. Adolf Hitler sought to release his “Aryans” from this Labor. The yoke of this Labor is the real reason why anti-Semites hated the Jews.

Zigmund Freud had a brilliant insight: the real reason for anti-Semitism is not the alleged murder of Jesus by the Jews – it is the birth of Jesus by the Jews. It is the moral plank that Jesus, this Jew, set up so high that lots of people felt guilty about not meeting these standards, and while they did not dare to revolt against Jesus, they revolted against the nation which produced him – the Jews.

Now - a Christian who finds peace with his God and stops revolting against Him, simultaneously and miraculously finds peace and love with Jews as well – that’s what we experience with Christian Zionists.

Again: the middle path of making constant and difficult spiritual choices is a tough one. Extremes are easy . They relieve you of choice . It is easy to be a post-Christian liberal hedonist and acknowledge no God. And it is easy to believe in the totalitarian God of Koran, who likewise relieves you of the necessity to make moral choices. All you have to do is to literally follow Sharia Laws.

But why is it that the Left and the Islamists are more than allies? Why does the Left love its future executioners? Why does it offer itself to them and offers England, too?

I think the reason is that the Left is tired, fatigued to live without God. Deep inside their hearts they want some sacred structure for their lives, but they are no longer capable of creating it by themselves, because since they have abandoned Christianity their spiritual muscles atrophied. It is easier to concede to Sharia, because it is easier to step from one extreme to the other; because, like Marxism and Nazism, Sharia relieves of choice and provides easy totalitarian pseudo-holiness.

Moreover, consciously or subconsciously both the Leftists and the Islamists can not bear living with guilt of refusing the God of the Bible, and they strive to end that situation, they strive for the cessation of their sinful lives, and they choose Death.* (destruction of self-preservation/destr of family) The difference is that the Left want to get their kicks first and then die out (as shown by their negative birthrate), while the Islamists want first to die as suicide bombers, and then satisfy their lust with 72 virgins.

Let us be clear: we are in the middle of the third Satanic anti-spiritual revolution in the last 100 years: the Bolshevik revolution was followed by the Nazi one, which is now being followed by the Islamist one. All three are based on purposeful and open rejection of Biblical values and morality.

Why is it so hard to understand that Islamism is moving against us as mercilessly as Stalinism and Nazism did? Why does the mainstream keep denying it? For one thing, Islamism is much smarter. Imams are fond of quoting Koran which says: “Allah is the great deceiver” – and they encourage their flock to deceive the enemy – that is, us. Long ago, it was simple: the Reds and the Nazis were on one side, and we were on the other. And both times we were attacked on one front only. Now we are being attacked on seven fronts at the same time.

Seven kinds of Jihad are being waged against us:

Ideological, economic, demographic, political, educational, proselytizing and military. Let’s do a very quick overview.

1 st - Military Jihad. Wherever Satan feels he can stop the advancement of Biblical civilization by violence, be it conventional or guerrilla warfare, from Afghanistan to Kosovo, from Bali to Baku – he is on the attack. Islamists are determined to stoke the fire of Jihad until we give up extinguishing it.

2 nd - Political Jihad. Islamists have outnumbered countries of Biblical civilization at the UN and other world forums. They take teeth out of our resolutions and corrupt our politicians. For all that they use the 3 rd Jihad, economic.

Economic Jihad is not only the chains of oil dependency. Islamists are buying up all what they can not conquer yet by military Jihad. They are buying up the Third world: by investing billions of Saudi petro-dollars into the vital businesses and infrustructure in Asia and Africa . You think it’s globalism, you think the profit motive is uniting everybody, but they think it’s economic Islamism and the Prophet Mohammad – not the profit - is uniting everybody.

4 th - Educational Jihad. There are 30,000 madrassas in Pakistan alone where thousands of boys learn ideology of Wahhabism. This is a non-stop assembly line of perfect jihad warriors. Moreover, Islamic schools and universities on your soil, in Britain , funded by your taxpayers are spreading contempt and hatred of you; they are buying up and intimidating your academics to endorse it and laugh in your faces.

5 th - Proselytizing Jihad. The largest Jihad goes on in the Third world. Africa is becoming an Islamic continent. Every bowl of rice to the starving Africans donated by Saudis comes with a demand to convert to Islam. This is by contrast to the Red Cross that does not load its food with faith. By the way, it may not sound politically correct, but it has to change.

6 th - Demographic Jihad – with 4 wives each, Moslems outnumber Christians everywhere – in Africa and even in India . Last month your Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that “Mohammad is now the most popular baby name in England and Wales ”. And these Mohammeds do not want to integrate into British society, they want to integrate you into Ummah, the global Islamic community.

  • And the last one, the most important – Ide о logical Jihad. This one is based on proving to you that your whole narrative is wrong. That your moral claim to lead humanity is illegitimate. That the Bible - is not the Light onto the world.

At the basis of this ideological Jihad is a blatant theological lie: replacing Isaac with Ishmael. Ishmael’s stubbornness lies in his belief that he is the true chosen descendant of Abraham; that the Jews and the Christians distorted the revelations and the only true one has been delivered through Koran.

This is why the revival of Israel is a profound insult to Islam, since it is the most powerful confirmation that the story of the Bible is true, that the prophecies of the Bible are not a collection of myths and legends of ancient Hebrews, but a working Plan for humanity, which means that all highest expectations and aspirations of Jews and Christians will come true abd all nations will come to Zion to serve the God of Israel.

Hence to undermine your moral right they need to undermine Israel – because if Zionism and ingathering of Exiles are reversible then other Biblical prophecies are reversible too; if the Jews have no right to their land, then you don’t have a right to yours, either. If they can dispose of a 3,000-year-old connection between Judaism and the Land of Israel , then they can more easily dispose of 1,500 years of connection between Christianity and Europe.

If they can pull out and break your flag – Jerusalem – then by the laws of war you have to surrender.

And that’s what happening in Europe. Do not be delude yourselves – you won’t be left in peace after the ‘peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict”.

Remember: the Arab-Israeli conflict has no practical foundation. If it were not for the Islamic world’s ideologically motivated refusal to recognize Israel , the Palestinian problem could be resolved by humanitarian means in a year. The Jerusalem Summit has developed a program of Humanitarian solution. I repeat: the reason of the conflict is exclusively theological.

When Moslems get rid of this theology that replaces the Bible with the Koran; when they get rid of their obsession with destroying the seed of Isaac (that all the prophets and blessings come from); then scales will fall from their eyes, and they will see that genuine peace and extraordinary blessings will come from a tiny concession to common sense and justice – namely, approving of Israel’s people’ right to live in their own land. Keep in mind that Israel is just 0.1% of 1 precent of all the Arab land-mass.

But for these scales to come down, all seven jihads must be defeated.

And the IDEOLOGICAL one should be the top priority.

So how come the West doesn’t have a strategy to oppose this seven-headed monster? It’s because of Fear.

We are normal private people. We don’t want to fight anyone; we want to be nice to everyone. But God has a different plan, and He compels us to fight. It is through our fighting that we develop the qualities He needs – the skills to fight the most deranged Satanic minds of our opponents, yet treat the hearts of the lowliest of them without hate or contempt.

The West is fearful to acknowledge that the conflict with Islam is not caused by the existence of a “shitty little country”, as Israel was referred to by one of the unfortunately typical diplomats from the British Foreign Office, but by existence of themselves – hedonistic liberal atheists, moral-relativists whose existence will not be tolerated by Islam until they all convert to Islam or die.

What gets in the way is the mirror image of the enemy. Allegedly, if we make concessions, so will the enemy. That’s ridiculous. They don ’ t want a compromise . You can give up Israel . You can elect another 20 Moslems to the House of Lords. You can finalize the makeover of BBC into Al-Jazeera. None of this will be enough. They will not rest until the rule of sharia in Britain is complete. Why should they? They’re winning, and you are on the run!

We are afraid to appear politically incorrect and give up multiculturalism. Yet multiculturalism is an inverted racism. As we call on tolerance towards sharia - wearing the burka, honor killing, stoning, limb cutting, and pogroms in response to cartoons – we in fact say: we are people of high culture, we value freedom of expression and personal freedom, women’s equal rights, and so on – but these people do not, and such is their culture. Yet God gave human rights to all people equally. And if we say that these rights are alien to Moslems, then in fact we mean that Moslems are inferior, and thus we are guilty of racism, cynically called multiculturalism.

But the soul that the Moslems received from God is no different from what we’ve got, and deep in their heart they are yearning for freedom and dignity no less than we do. Yet they are enslaved by the Satanic ideology of Islamism, just as Germans were enslaved by doctrines of Nazism and Russians were enslaved by slogans of Communism. And we should liberate them just as we liberated Germans and Russians. This is our mission – to liberate Moslems from Islamism. You can call it a Crusade – but it does not require us to burn the entire Middle East.

Then what does it require? What is our Plan?

It is simple: a Christian revival in the West and an Islamic Reformation in the East.

(repeat): A Christian revival in the West and an Islamic Reformation in the East.

Just a few words about each one:

  • It may sound ironic that me, a Jew, is calling for a Christian revival in Europe . But if the Root and the Branch finally came together, it’s natural not only for the Branch to care for the Root but for the Root to care for its offspring as well. So excuse my rather immodest and maybe an unsolicited advice but for me the choice of Europe looks very simple. Either it will be a fundamentally Christian Europe or it will be Europe of Islamic Fundamentalists… I repeat: a fundamentally Christian Europe or it will be Europe of Islamic Fundamentalists.

Lots of libertarians will faint when hear it. But this is reality. If Europe wishes to save itself, it has to believe in itself as a Christian continent once again; it has to regain absolute confidence that Biblical values are the right values. There is no middle . Europe cannot keep being hedonistic, atheistic, and neutrally lukewarm in respect to the Bible, including being neutral or even hostile to the task of re-attachment to its Hebrew roots and to Israel . Europeans will be either very hot Christians, burning with faith and Holy spirit, or they’ll be dead cold victims of Islamism. “ So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. ”. (Revelation, 3:16 ) Hot with a fighting biblical spirit or dead cold. Nothing in between.

The same goes for Israel : we have the same choice - either a Jewish spiritual revival or a catastrophe.

It is actually a good thing that Islamists returned God to the political agenda. A distorted understanding of the relation between God and politics is a problem. Correct Biblical understanding of this relation is a solution. Islamists want the state and social life to be holy; but if we don’t draw the right path to this holiness, holiness of all the aspect of social life, then they will impose one of their own.

Now, 2 nd part of our Plan - Liberation of Moslem world.

I will repeat it: Moslems are yearning to be liberated!

And I will stress: I do not mean an invasion like in Iraq . The fundamental flaw of the neo-conservative policy was imposing the form before changing the substance. First we need to change the Moslem mentality.

Is it possible? Yes, it is.

Jerusalem Summit suggests to adopt A Joint Diplomatic Strategy of the Free World.

It stands on two pillars: on emancipation of Moslem women and on equal rights for religious minorities in the Moslem world. These are the 2 corner-stones of the totalitarian mentality of Islamism.

How to pull these stones out, so that the entire pyramid of Islamism will start to crumble, will be presented to you in details later today by Academic director of JS, Dr. Martin Sherman.

I will conclude with my personal appeal to my British friends.

Brothers, Britain can lead Europe in this Joint Diplomatic Offensive.

God still has a special covenant with Britain . God has faith in the sterling and brave heart of Britain .

Britain can correct its path by following in the footsteps of its great leader, Winston Churchill. It was him who in the moment of moral blackout has created that terrible problem of violating the Mandate of the League of Nations and partitioning the land of Israel in 1921. But he has atoned for that sin by leading Britain into the fight with Nazism and then with Communism.

My dear friends, Fear not! I believe that Britain will rise again with Churchill’s spirit.

I believe that you can ignite the Christian revival in England and then in Europe, and you can convince your politicians to adopt the Joint Diplomatic Strategy of the West.

Moreover, if instead of placating Islamists, Britain – and its Foreign Office in particular – would focus its efforts on bringing the Gospel to the Moslems, then you will behold signs and wonders, and you’ll see Europe saved from the new Moor invasion. And you will see British greatness coming back.

Do not fear! Believe in your mission! Believe in your victory! Fight – and the God of Israel will walk in the battle infront of you!

God Save the Queen, and God save Great Britain.



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