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Dr. Dmitry Radyshevsky's remarks at the Jerusalem Summit event in Berlin

Dear Friends,

You may have heard, that a recent opinion poll conducted by German TV revealed that 52 percent of Germans see no significant obligation toward the Jewish state.

I am aware that the result of this poll has caused concern in Germany.

I know that Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she is disturbed by it and that makes her work harder on strengthening Israeli-German relations and on teaching history to German youth…

As a Jew and an Israeli I deeply appreciate this stance of your leadership… But on the other hand, I would not want the young Germans to feel guilty.

A young person should be feeling pride and inspiration. It is true that tyrants and madmen often play up these feelings to take advantage of young people. But the truth is that guilt is a negative feeling. And to be effective, motivation must be positive.

I want the young Germans to feel inspired when they hear the word "Israel".

I want the word "Israel" to remind young Germans of their Mission – and the Mission is to head the Christian revival in Europe.

It's an irony that a Jew is telling you that, but we are in the same boat – in the boat of Biblical civilization. And I am bringing you this Jewish message from Jerusalem: without the Christian revival, Europe is destined to become Eurabia.

This is something young Germans must be perfectly aware of. Either this wonderful comfortable Europe will worship the God of the Bible, or this will be yet another province under the rule of Sharia.

There is no third way. Europe will not be able to remain neutral.

Yet Christian revival is impossible without going back to its roots – to Israel.

Young Germans must be overjoyed to be living in our unique times, when Biblical prophecy comes true: when Israel is restored and the Christian world is united with Israel, like a grafted olive branch is reunited with the trunk of the olive tree.

These are Messianic times. And, as the Bible says, the forces of evil are on the move to destroy Israel. And, as the Bible prophecies, our Christian brothers shall come to its rescue.

When a young German hears the word "Israel", he should not be thinking, Oh, my grandfather committed terrible crimes against the Jews, and now I must feel ashamed and depressed.

That’s not what I want. When he hears the word "Israel", I want him to think of the Jew as his beloved brother – as his older brother. I want him to think of Israel as our common spiritual Motherland and that right now this Motherland is under attack by a new Beast – new Satanism.

I want the young German to remember that not long ago the beast – the Satanic Nazism – came out of Germany . But the German nation has atoned for it. Now the Beast assumed a new shape in the ideology of Wahhabism or Islamo-Fascism that comes out of Saudi Arabia.

Now is the chance for Germans to prove that they are on the side of the Good in this fight. That they are not trying to remain neutral in the fight between the truth and the lie, claiming the relativity of these two concepts; that they are not trying to be equal friends to the victims and the mudrerers.

Actually, I was more concerned with another German opinion poll. This one was conducted recently by Der Spiegel, and it says that 91% of the German public wish to remain "neutral" in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

I can understand that from the psychological point of view: after the shock of WWII, the Germans do not wish to have anything to do with any other war.

But it is naïve and myopic to refuse to look at the roots of the problem and go beyond the BBC reporting that promotes Palestinian suffering.

One should understand that this suffering is caused not by Israeli policies, but by radical Islamic ideology that declared jihad on the Western civilization as a whole: from Berlin to New York, and from Madrid to Sidney.

Radical Islam correctly identifies Israel as the flagship and the heart of this civilization and uses brainwashed Palestinians as shock troops in attacking this outpost of biblical civilization.

If you refuse to take sides in this struggle, this is not merely myopic from the moral viewpoint – it is suicidal, because the fall of Israel – God forbid – will be a such an inspiration for Jihad, that it will immediately come pounding on your own house.

This is why I wish that today’s young German, when he hears the word "Israel", would think, "The land that is holy to both of me and the Jews, is in danger, and we’ll defend it together with the Jews, because this way I will be defending my Deutschland as well."

We are meeting today to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust. We are impressed by all that is being done in Germany to preserve the mournful memory of the Catastrophe. But in conclusion let me stress: today the best way to remember the Holocaust is for German politicians and society as a whole to put up a fight against the spread of radical Islam, which is the new incarnation of Nazism, and in particular – against the fanatical regime of Iran that is preparing a new Holocaust – a nuclear Holocaust.

I will repeat: this is not a matter of morality only. For Germans this is a matter of survival as well, because after Israel, Christianity as a whole and Christian Europe in particular will become the next target of Islamism.

Concluding my remarks, I would ask you ponder the following paradox.

One totalitarian ideology – Nazism – created a seemingly unbridgeable gap between the people of Israel and the people of Germany. Profound atonement of German people managed to bridge it. But the paradox – or, rather, Holy Providence is that another totalitarian ideology – Islamism – will help turn this bridge of cooperation into a true highway of brotherhood. Islamism denies life and religious freedom to us both – to Jews and Christians alike.

Our comradeship in arms in countering this barbarian ideology of Islamo-Fascism and protecting common values is the kind of cement that is stronger than all the peace conferences and interfaith seminars.

My dear brothers: there is no shame in coming together against a common enemy. True atonement, true reconciliation, and true brotherhood are tested only in moments of trial and deadly danger.

We meet here right after the Holiday of Passover. Remember how Joseph’s brothers wanted to kill him. But the Lord saved him. Joseph survived and forgave his brothers. Their descendants were together in Exodus; they fought God’s enemies hand in hand, and built Israel together. This is a parallel for our relations.

God saved the Jewish nation from the pit of the Holocaust where our brothers have thrown us. Now we should go on another Exodus together – from the despotic ideology of Islamism and from our slavish moral relativism which suggests that we surrender.

Now is the time for us raise and to fight, and to build the glorious universal biblical civilization – with Jerusalem at its center – as it is prophecised in the Bible.

This is the great cause for the German youth. This is the great cause fpor all of us. If we will be together we will make it.

Just do not be neutral, my dear brothers. Do not be lukewarm. Remember what is said the Book of Revelation: "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth."

So – don't be afraid. Fight for Jerusalem. AND THE GOD OF ISRAEL WILL GO INFRONT OF YOU.

God Bless you. Amen and thank you for attention.


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