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The Michael Cherney Foundation
Bridges for Peace and International Christian Embassy


Dr. Dmitry Radyshevsky
CEO. Jerusalem Summit


Opening remarks

In Jerusalem


Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends:

We are blessed by the feeling of brotherly unity that we feel in this hall. This is not just a unity of nice people and their gracious hosts. This is the unity described in the Psalms (133:1): « Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! »

Actually, Humanity’s constant quest of UNITY is what makes History.

A man wishes to have inner unity (to be whole and holy), he wants to avoid the agony of choice, a conflict between his heart and his mind.

A man wishes to establish unity in society, avoiding conflicts between the poor and the rich, between the strong and the weak.

Finally, a man wishes to establish unity between nations, to stop wars and hate.

From unity of mind to social unity to world unity.

And there are two paths leading to that Unity: the Path of Babylon and the Path of Jerusalem.

The Path of Babylon is the path of enforced uniformity. This is the way of Totalitarianism.

What does the Path of Babylon offer for your mind? A total mind control. If you are afraid of saying something wrong because you’ll get stoned according to the Sharia law, you will reach a peace of mind of sorts – but it will be a peace of a slave.

For Unity in society the Path of Babylon offers a police state that excludes any disagreement with the power.

Finally, for unity among nations Babylon is offering an Empire, where all nations submit to Emperor and one single imperial ideology.

The path of Babylon indeed leads to unity. But it is a temporary unity, and a unity of Bondage.

The path of humanity is littered with the remains of the Empires that brought about this unity : Egypt , Assyria , Rome , Byzantium, Mongol’s Golden Horde, Ottomans, Hitler’s Third Reich, Communist Russia.

The Path of Jerusalem is a direct opposite. It is the path of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. It is the path where Man accepts divine laws of his own free will and voluntarily joins other men and nations on the basis of these laws.

The Almighty made Jerusalem the center and the leader of this world.

In Hebrew, Jerusalem is pronounced “Yerushalaim”, which means “It will show Peace”. And nations will enter that Peace, that unity of Jerusalem , through its different gates, preserving their cultural uniqueness, rather than being marched into unity with a stick.

And I will tell you more:

The victory of the Path of Jerusalem is at hand, because lately Babylon ’s attacks on human freedom have become more frequent. In the last 100 years we have had three: Fascism, Communism, and now we are in the middle of the 3 rd one – of Islamism.

They have a lot in common. They all speak of some morality. Yet all we see of them is their cruelty: Hitler’s gas chambers, Stalin’s camps, and Islamist suicide bombers and beheaded hostages.

They all claim to unify, but their common method consists in radical dividing.

Communists divided people into the classes of proletariat and bourgeoisie; when bourgeoisie was to be destroyed, the Kingdom of Proletariat was supposed to come.

Fascism radically divided the world into Aryans and sub-humans; when the latter (Jews, Slavs, Africans, Asians) would be annihilated, the Eternal Reich was supposed to reign for eternity.

Finally, Islamists radically divide the world into the Moslems and the infidels: when all the infidels are killed, converted to Islam or turned into the 2nd class serfs, paying protection money, then the World Caliphate will reign.

Note that it is not merely the frequency of these Satanic attacks has grown, but their scale as well. Nowadays not a single country can sit out this battle. Let us look at your region. In the battle against Fascism, most of Asia was spared the fighting. During the cold war on communism, a lot of its hot points have already moved to your region. Today, Islamism reaches everywhere: Jihad strikes all over Asia – from Bali to Mindanao , and beautiful beaches and villages in Indonesia and Malaysia are soaked in Christian blood.

Jihad ideology and terror cells are active in every single Asian country, as they are everywhere on the globe – from US А to Philippines , from Scandinavia to South Africa .

Another sign that messianic times are ahead is that Babylon is attacking Israel with ever increasing satanic hatred.

Satan knows that each Exodus of Israel from the House of Bondage is a sign that another victory of the Jerusalem path is under way. That soon the entire world will rise out of slavery to yet another temptation to take the Path of Babylon.

In trying to stop yet another exodus of the Jews from slavery

  • Babylon employs two weapons. The first one is lies; the second one is death.
  • Let me remind you about the first genocide recorded in human history. It is described in the Book of Exodus.

First the Pharaoh used lies:

Behold, the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we: Come on, let us deal wisely with them; lest they multiply, and it come to pass, that, when there falleth out any war, they join also unto our enemies, and fight against us... (Exodus 1:9-10)

In modern days, we call it a charge of treason. Thus the Pharaoh laid the foundation. And then he moved to his second weapon – Death – when he ordered that all Jewish baby boys be exterminated.

But the Jews prevailed. Led by Moses, Zionism triumphed.

The second genocide of the Jews almost took place when the Jews were about to leave the slavery in Babylon . The Bible tells us about the evil Haman, who first libeled the Jews to the King, and then drafted the edict to eliminate the Jews completely. Yet Mordecai and Esther saved the Jews.

The third genocide was committed by Hitler to prevent the Jews’ last exodus – this time from Europe .

This one also started with lies of Nazi propaganda – that the Jews were the agents of Communism, that they were the enemies of Germany , that they were the lower race, the cancer in the body of the Aryan people. And when the soil became fertile, then the Nazis unleashed Death. They killed one-third of all the Jews. Out of 18 million in the world, 6 million Jews were murdered in gas chambers and mass executions.

Today Islamism is trying to finish Hitler’s work. Iranian President is openly plotting the nuclear destruction of Israel . But the Islamist bomb is merely another Satanic weapon to emerge from the well-fertilized field of lies – lies that the State of Israel is criminal, that Zionism is illegitimate, that the Jews have no right for another Exodus.

Pay attention, brothers, and be careful: the closer we get to the Messiah’s coming, the more dogged the Devil’s resistance, and the more sophisticated his lies – not for nothing Satan is called The Great Deceiver.

Today, in order to sell his lies, he dresses them up in the language that causes progressive humanity to take the bate. I’m talking about words like occupation.

This lie come only from someone who has never read the Bible or despises what it says.

A Jew who lives in Jerusalem or Hebron is no different from David and Solomon, from Isaiah and Jesus. He is not an occupant, he lives at home.

So what is this land that Israel is supposed to surrender in exchange for peace?

Let us look at the facts.

There are 22 Arab countries, and there’s only one Jewish country.

22 Arab countries, put together, are as big as China .

The territory of Israel is 5 times smaller than Taiwan .

And these 22 Arab countries deceived the world into demanding to divide this tiny Jewish Taiwan and give half of its land to Arabs in order to bring peace!

If we imagine the Arab countries as one football field, Israel is the size of a matchbook on this field. So if you take half of this matchbook and have it join the field, how will this bring about peace?

The problem is that the green field of Islam, led by its racist jihad ideology, does not want the Jewish state in its midst, be it the size of a matchbook, or even a single match. All over Islamic world – and especially in the Palestinian Autonomy -- schools, newspapers, and TV talk about nothing else but eradicating the Jews and their State of Israel. My colleague Itamar Marcus will later tell you more in his presentation about this modern Nazi propaganda.

If the Islamic world accepted the Jewish right to have one tiny state of their own, then there are humane, reasonable and fair ways to resolve this conflict and care about Humanitarian needs of Arab living in the land of Israel , who after 1967 started to be called Palestinians.

Do not fall for the media manipulation, when you see on your screens the Palestinian poverty, checkpoints, and the tanks that Israel uses to protect itself against the terror. This suffering is not caused by Israel . It is caused by the Satanic ideology of jihad that cynically exploits Palestinians and uses them as cannon fodder in this war. A Palestinian journalist once dared to tell the truth: “Arab dictators will fight Israel down - to the last Palestinian”, he said.

Don’t make a mistake, my friends. Israeli people do not hate Arabs. We want to liberate them from the ideology of jihad, from the Satanic spirit of death worship and spreading Islam by force.

How are we succeeding in this task? So far – very badly.

Let me tell you the bitter truth. Right now the project of Islamists to unite the world is winning.

Why? Because they have unity: in their camp they have political and ideological unity. They have an action plan and fanatical determination to have it accomplished.

Their political unity is manifested in the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

It has 57 Islamic member states and a permanent delegation to the UN.

At its last summit in December 2005, it decided upon a 10-year plan, one of whose resolutions was to root the Islamic uma - the world Muslim community - in the Koran and the [oral tradition of the] Hadith, which, in fact, means Wahabbism.

They also resolved to make the Palestinian issue the central issue of their international politics.

So they have 3 types of unity:

  • Political – being united in the Organization of Islamic Countries and lobbying the same interests.
  • Ideological – spreading Koran: however, not in the moderate but in a radical – Wahhabist interpretation.
  • Symbolic – uniting around the Palestinian cause and making 'liberation of Palestine " their flag and banner.

In the last 3 years they have made rapid progress in accomplishing this plan on all 3 directions. The number of madrassas are mushrooming – in Pakistan , in Indonesia , in Malasiya, as I said before - all with the state support – producing tens of thousands of brainwashed jihad warriors and preachers who infiltrate neighboring countries and preach Islamism.

Secular Moslem countries are turning into Islamic countries: this is what happening in Turkey .

In Africa countries of Islamic Conference sponsor a program "a mosque every mile" – building hundreds of mosques in Nigeria , Sudan, Kenya and other countries.

Western media and Academia are intimidated or bribed to defend the Islamic cause.

Moslem population is the fastest growing population in Europe and the most popular male name in England is now Mohammed.

And we see the relentless pressure on Israel from different countries – including USA and EU. Because the OIC is an extremely powerful body, demographically, politically and economically.

So their plan is working.

The question is:

Do we have a counter-plan?

Do we also have political, ideological and symbolic unity?

No, brothers, I am very sorry to say, but we don't have either of the three.

Let's start with the political unity.

Do we have a similar organization of Biblical Countries? We could have had more than 57 members in it. We also could have had a permanent delegation to the UN.

No, we don't have it because we do not have Biblical unity. Protestants keep despising Catholics, Catholics despise Protestants, Eastern Orthodox Christians despise both Catholics and Protestants, while Europe became post-Christian altogether and ridicules any faith except for Islam: because they know that if they'd ridicule Islam they'd be blown up. And Jews of course keep fighting each other too: Orthodox against Reform, and Left against the Right.

Number 2. Do we have ideological unity?

Do we have our own 10-year plan, to root our countries in the Bible?

No, we don't. We have individual plans for our own individual Churches and synagogues. But we do not have national or international ambition to turn the world into the Biblical world.

We do not have a plan how to coordinate our efforts and preach the Bible to the 10-40 window of Islamic countries.

We do not have a plan how to defend border line Christian countries which bleed under the attacks of Islamism: I mean first of all Africa – Nigeria and Sudan .

We do not have a plan how to mobilize the media and the education system, as they are mobilized in the Moslem world, to spread the word about our faith, about the Bible.

And finally Number 3 – the symbolic unity.

Let’s first start with the question.

Why 57 Moslem countries have agreed to make Palestinian issue their central common cause?

Because victory of the Palestinian cause means the destruction of Israel . And the destruction of Israel and Jerusalem (which they refuse to call Jerusalem but call Al Quds) means the destruction of Biblical narrative, the destruction of the Christian cradle of faith, its symbol, its banner, its roots.

Friends, brothers, sisters. You have to understand the unpleasant truth and bring it back home. Islamism is not fighting its strategic fight against Israel . With Israel it has only a tactical fight. Their strategic fight is with the Christian world. They are competing with the Biblical plan for unity: the unity around Jerusalem. That's why they have a very efficient, very correct strategy. Go immediately for the center – deprive Jews and Christians of their headquaters, of the center around which they could unite.

If Jews have no right for Jerusalem and the Land of Israel , then the main Biblical promise is wrong. If Bethlehem, the town where Jesus-the-Jew was born is now a Moslem town where no Jews are allowed, if Jerusalem, the City of King David-the-Jew, has to be called AlQuds and turned to Moslems, if the Mt Moria where stood the Temple of Solomon-the-Jew, is off excess to the Jews and there stands a Mosque – then the Bible is a false book, all its promises are fairy tales, it's a book of the loosers – and the Moslems despise the loosers – and the Messiah of Jews and Christians will never come, and the world will never unite around Mt Zion in praising the Lord of Israel but will unite around Mekkah, reciting the Koran and stoning everyone who will not worship the Black Stone.

Do we have a plan to create our own symbolic cause which would unify all Christian countries? Do we have a plan to make Israel - defending THE Holy Land – our own unifying cause?

No, we don't.

We do not have political, ideological and symbolic unity.

And I will tell you why we don't have it and why we are loosing to the Islamic plan of uniting the world.

Because Uniting the World is a combination of spiritual and political warfare. And we totally ignore the political power and totally rely on the Holy Spirit.

We hope that God somehow will intervene and change the world politics, while we'll be just praying and doing our little good work in our churches and synagogues.

It is wrong. God will help change us world politics if we will do a strenuous effort to change them. Prayers is not enough. God responds to human effort - not just words and wishes.

Ignoring politics, leaving this domain to Organization of Islamic Conferences and secularist Western governments is wrong. It is not Biblical. Remember that the prophets of Israel – from Natan to Zacharia, from Daniel to Jeremiah – publicly scolded the Kings and demanded that they do the right things and lead their nations in the right direction.

We are the collective Prophet of today. And we have to tell the Governments of our countries: you can not be neutral anymore, you can not be secular. Open your eyes - if you will not make our countries Biblical countries, not just democratic, but Biblical, because Bible is the basis of democracy, equality and respect to the human being – then Islamic project of unity will succeed and our countries will eventually become Moslem countries, leaving by Sharia (Archbishop of Kenterburry already suggested that ULK can adopt some of the Sharia law).

Why the Governments of 57 Moslem countries unabashedly proclaim that they are Islamic nations and Koran is their holy book? Why most these 57 countries provide Governmental support to mosques, madrassas, sharia courts, Islamic propaganda, Moslem missionaries and in many cases to the Jihad?

Because they are serious about bringing victory to their project.

And why almost none of democratic countries proclaim itself to be a Christian nation? Why almost none of our countries provide any State support to spreading the Biblical message and strengthening Biblical values in the society?

I'll tell you why. Because we do not demand it.

Moslem Governments unite in spreading Islam and attacking Israel because their populations demand it from them.

And they demand it from them because there are daily brainwashed in the mosques to demand that.

OK, we are filled with truth and Holy Spirit in our churches and synagogues. So why don't we demand from our Governments to unite in defending Biblical civilization, its values and its Jerusalem ?

Is it because politics is dirty? It's a naïve and short-sited view. We are here to make politics clean and holy.

You can put pressure on your Governments to lead your nations along the Biblical path. The God of the Bible, the God of Israel expects you to tell the truth and demand the right thing from your Kings – your Presidents and Prime-Ministers.

I know that it's an uphill battle. We in Israel have an extremely hard time convincing our politicians that they have to rely on the God of Israel and not on the UN or US, that they have to honor the Accords of the Sinai Mountain and not the Oslo Accords.

But there is no other way. Prophets came to the Kings and spoke publicly. They did not limit it to prayer.

And you have to come to your Kings publicly – on demonstrations, in the Media, in the Parliaments and demand publicly – so that the entire world will hear – that you want Three Things from them:

  • Political Unity: Creation of a Political Union of Biblical Countries. A Biblical Alliance .
  • Ideological Unity: Committing the Governments of this Alliance to use government resources to spread the Biblical values and the knowledge of the Bible.
  • Symbolic Unity: Committing the Governments of Biblical Alliance to make defending Jerusalem and Israel their common cause.

Remember: the Biblical project of uniting the world around Jerusalem is in your hands. If you will not force your Governments to adopt these 3 forms of unity, there will be rivers of blood and destruction brought by the alternative – Jihadist project of unity.

Even in that scenario God will save his remnant. But the blood of innocent millions will be on our conscience. Political inaction will become our mortal sin.

It's not too late to wake up and correct that.

Be political – as the prophets of Israel were political.

This is my message for you from Jerusalem . Please, bring it back home.

And we as Jews will pray that there is A CHRISTIAN REVIVAL in Asia .

We will pray that you have strength to bring the light of the Bible to all corners of Asia : from China to Malaysia .

We as Jews will pray that you have CHRISTIAN UNITY – only then the Biblical world will be strong enough to defeat Islamism.

We as Jews pray that you will have CHRISTIAN SOLIDARITY: that you will demand protection of religious freedom for the persecuted Christians of Africa, of Indonesia , Malasia , China , Syria , Iran and other totalitarian countries.

And we, as Jews, ask you, Christians, to pray for JEWISH revival in Israel .

Pray that Jews will observe the Torah. Pray that they will follow the commandments.

Pray that they will seek support and solutions in the God of Israel and not in the UN.

Only when you will have a Christian revival and we will have a Jewish revival our children be able to live in peace.

In peace and universal harmony whose ideal was born in Jerusalem , and with Lord’s Help it will be manifested to all nations in Jerusalem again.

Thank you.


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