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The Michael Cherney Foundation
Bridges for Peace and International Christian Embassy


The Jerusalem Summit Africa was held on June 19th 2006 near Cape Town, South Africa, with 200 delegates from all over Africa and Israel in attendance.

We, the delegates, affirm:

1. "The Judeo / Christian value system to be the only viable system, in all respects, upon which to
embark upon the great challenge of nation building;

2. "The right of Israel to exist in peace and security in her ancient and Biblical homeland, with
Jerusalem as her eternal and undivided Capital;

3. "That Israel cannot be expected to give up any land to any entity that seeks and works for her
total destruction;

4. "That we call upon African leaders to speak out against the war of terror presently being waged
against Israel by religious extremists;

5. "That we are all outraged by the persecution and killing of Christians by "Jihadists" on the
continent of Africa, especially in Sudan, Chad and Nigeria;

6. "That we deeply deplore and regret the corrupt Christian witness that was given to Africa and
her great peoples through aspects of Colonialism and failed Political Systems like Apartheid;

7. "That African nations that engage Israel positively will themselves be enriched in all areas of
commerce, industry and human endeavor. Their engagement should not be based on blind
support, but on a genuine friendship that is prepared to correct, voice concerns and seek for
positive solutions to problems facing both regions;

8. "That Israel's great technological breakthroughs in science, agriculture and medicine could make
a massive and positive impact upon Africa;

9. "That African and Israeli leaders should meet regularly to discuss their problems, concerns and
needs. By these means they can implement projects and policies to improve the quality of life of
all their peoples;

10. "That we recognize that in many countries of Africa, women remain disempowered, discriminated
against and oppressed. This must be urgently addressed and needs to change;

11. "That we pledge ourselves to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and for our national leaders in
Africa and Israel."


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