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Millions of Asian Christians Stand for Israel

The Second Jerusalem Summit Asia took place in Seoul, South Korea, on August 9-13, 2005. Korean Hosts of the Summit, The Kingdomizer Mission Alliance, Asia’s largest church, urged hundreds of Korean Church leaders to adopt a Resolution that has already been endorsed at previous Summits by church leaders who represent millions of Christians all over the world.

The Resolution affirms “the inalienable right of Jewish people to the entire Holy Land and Jerusalem as its eternal capital”. It also calls on all the Christians in the world to demand that their governments take “righteous steps on behalf of Israel and world peace”:

1. To petition our respective governments to move their embassies to Jerusalem.

2. To petition our respective governments to oppose anti-Israel resolutions in the United Nations.

3. To petition our respective governments to cease funding the Palestinian Authority until effective safeguards are put in place to ensure the money is not diverted to terrorism.

4. To petition the local and international media for fair and baanced coverage of the Arab-
Israeli conflict.

5. To this end, we pledge to form caucuses in our respective governments to support Israel and our Judeo-Christian values.

Led by The East Gate Foundation, a major Christian organization of Philippines, Church leaders from Singapore, Indonesia , India , and Taiwan were the first to sign the Resolution at the Jerusalem Summit Asia -I that took place in 2004 in Manila, Philippines. According to Mr. Dmitry Radyshevsky, the Jerusalem Summit’s Executive Director, “ Israel should not be obsessed with the support of Europe and the US . The effort to get the public support of Asia, Africa, and Latin America is of equal importance. These regions have a tremendous development potential, and their population – first of all, Christians – possesses moral clarity that draws distinction between the Good and the Evil in the Arab-Israeli conflict.” (See Mr. Radyshevsky’s speech at the Seoul Summit)

The Jerusalem Summit Asia-II in Seoul was co-initiated by South Korean and Filipino Christian organizations and attended by South Korean and Filipino political scientists, media, hundreds of South Korean church leaders representing 13 million believers (26% of the country’s population), as well as members of South Korean Parliament, and Mayor of Seoul Mr. Myung Buk Lee, the former president of Hyundai Corporation and the leading contender for national presidency.

From Israeli side, the Summit was attended by Knesset members headed by Mr. Yuri Shtern, co-chairman of Christian Allies Caucus of Knesset, as well as the Summit’s academic experts: Dr. Martin Sherman, who introduced the Humanitarian Alternative to the Oslo process, and Mr. Itamar Marcus, who introduced the evidence of the Nazi propaganda conducted by the Palestinian Autonomy, gathered by his group, Palestinian Media Watch.

Millions of South Korean Christians can see the horrible situation of their brothers in North Korea – famine and labor camps – as evidence of consequences of atheism and rejection of the Commandments. Christians consider “Blessing Israel” one of the main biblical commandments.

“Jews are the living proof that God exists,” said President of Kingdomizer Mission Alliance, Dr. Moses Wang Lee. “If God exists, so do Truth and Lies, and so do the Good and the Evil. Terror is absolute evil. Anti-Semitism and demonization of Jews are absolute evils. They cannot be justified by any political ends.”

South Korea and Israel have strategic reasons to stand together against the common enemy. The survival of the totalitarian North Korean regime and its ability to menace the South depend upon its sales of rockets and nuclear technologies to radical Islamic regimes and collaboration with them in the drug trade. (See the presentation by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld)

Another strategic consideration is the growth of Islamism in Indonesia and Malaysia, South Korea’s back-door neighbors.

The leaders of South Korea’s Christians called on their millions-strong community to pray daily for the deliverance of Israel from the threat of terror and the right of Jews to live in all the parts of the Promised Land.

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