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The Michael Cherney Foundation
Bridges for Peace and International Christian Embassy


Monday 19th June 2006
Conference Centre
Neethlingshof Estate, Stellenbosc


07h45 – 09h00 Registration, coffee & Opening Addresses

08h30 – 08h35 Welcome by Johan Greeff (National Director, ICEJ SA)

08h35 – 09h00 Opening Address: Dmitry Radyshevsky

09h00 – 10h30 Panel 1

Israel and Africa – common ground on the road from Bondage to Freedom
Moderator : Dmitry Radyshevsky.
Speakers : Benyamin Elon: Basis for the mutual bond: An Israel experience.

Kenneth Meshoe: African Rennaissance: can the Judeo/Christian value system deliver?

10h30 – 11h00 Coffee break

11h00 – 12h30 Panel 2

Identifying and overcoming challenges in Transformation.
Moderator : Dave Wilken (Deputy Chairman, ICEJ SA)
Speakers : Errol Naidoo: Beauty from ashes: The African context.

Josh Reinstein: Story of the Ethiopian Jews: Possible Israel-African joint solutions.

12h30 - 13h30 Lunch

13h30 – 15h30 Panel 3 (Workshop)

Mutual Empowerment between Israel and Africa.
Moderator : Chris Eden (National Director, BFP SA)
Speakers : Eliezer Sandberg. Seeking and forging economic, social, and community upliftment partnerships.

Robert Mawire. It is time for Africa to realign itself with Biblical
precedents for unprecedented prosperity.
Presentation: Kaleidoscope of Israel and Jewish assistance in Africa.

15h30 – 16h00 Coffee break

16h00 – 17h15 Panel 4

Challenges facing Judeo - Christian Values.
Moderator : Rebecca Brimmer
Speakers : Martin Sherman: International Terrorism.

Itamar Marcus: The Media: Battle for the mind.
Malcolm Hedding : Challenges in a changing world.

17h15 – 17h30 Conclusions

Concluding Remarks: A proactive agenda for Israeli - Africa relations.

Speakers :
Benyamin Elon

Malcolm Hedding
Rebecca Brimmer (Greeting and thank you)

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