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The Michael Cherney Foundation
Bridges for Peace and International Christian Embassy

Jerusalem Summit Africa
Cape Town (June 18-19 2006)

Strategies to Defend African Christians,
Israel Against Jihad
Cape Town (June 20-21, 2006)

Christian leaders and 9 Members of Parliament from South Africa, Kenya and Namibia met with an Israeli delegation for the first annual Jerusalem Summit Africa aimed to draw support for Israel and coordinate efforts of African and Jewish nations in their resistance to radical Islam.

The Summit was sponsored by Michael Cherney Foundation in cooperation with Bridges for Peace and International Christian Embassy.

The Israeli delegation was represented by Director of Knesset's Christian Allies Caucus, Josh Reinstein and its interim chairman MK Benny Elon, Jerusalem Summit's Director, Dmitry Radyshevsky and Academic Director Professor Martin Sherman, former MK Eliezer Sandberg and head of Palestinian Media Watch, Itamar Markus.

The conference succeeded in establishing a cooperative working relationship in raising global awareness about genocide of African Christians perpetrated by radical Islam, and commitment of African Christians to play an activist role in petitioning their governments to support the State of Israel in the international arena.

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