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The First Jerusalem Summit was held in Israel's capital during Sukkot (October 12-14, 2003). Outstanding political and academic leaders met to develop a joint strategy against the Totalitarianism of the East represented by radical Islam, as well as against Moral Relativism of the West , which erodes our resolve to fight that evil.

After Fascism and Communism, Radical Islam is the third major totalitarian threat to civilizationin the last hundred years.

The State of Israel is both a symbol and a front-line state in the battle for our civilization. A terrorist PLO state will pose mortal danger to Israel and the free world at large. Jerusalem Summit will develop and promote efficient alternatives to the Oslo process.

Jerusalem Declaration and other Summit's programs will provide the free world with moral clarity in the fight against radical Islam and new paradigms of thinking about the Middle East conflict.

Join us. United around Jerusalem, armed with our eternal values, we cannot fail.

Press-conference of the Jerusalem Summit. From Left to Right:
Dmitry Radyshevsky, Director of the Michael Cherney Foundation; Uzi Landau, Israel's Minister for the Strategic Cooperation between US and Israel; Richard Perle, Member of the Defense Policy Board; Benny Elon, Israel's Minister of Tourism; Daniel Pipes, Director of the Middle East Forum; Cal Thomas, TV Host, FOX News.

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