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Lectures and Presentations

1.11.2007: Radyshevsky MP3
                Book "UNIVERSAL ZIONISM"

8.11.2007: Sherman: "Land and Peace in ME. Examining Size, Significance and Solutions" Power Point Presentation
                 Peres vs Peres

15.11.2007: Ettinger: "The Demographic Scare – Myth and Reality" Power Point Presentation
                  Wrong Approach to Peace

22.11.2007: Radyshevsky: "Seven Types of Jihad"    Part1: MP3   Part2:MP3   Part3:MP3

29.11.2007: Ettinger: "Brief summary-poker in Washington" Power Point Presentation

13.12.2007: Radyshevsky: "Being a Light unto the Palestinians" Power Point Presentation

3.01.2008: Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel: "New English TV Show From Jerusalem" video

17.01.2008: Sherman: "Water in Israel. The Dry Facts" Power Point Presentation






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