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Free Evening Course in Public Diplomacy for HU Students

Jerusalem Summit, a non profit organization, is giving you an OPORTUNITY to become a spokesperson for Israel

Enroll in the SIAH Hasabara Training Course for the year 2008-2009

Summit's International Active Hasbara (SIAH) invites you to expose and dispel the malicious myths and false accusations being spread about Israel.

We are here to provide you with essential skills on how to dispel anti-Zionist propaganda and become an efficient hasbara warrior for the Jewish state.

In the modern world the skills in Public Diplomacy and Public Relations have become the most crucial elements of success in any business or social initiative. Israel's official diplomacy/spokespersons have failed abysmally in this arena, proving grossly unable to defend itself and establish the basic justice of its positions.

Our goal is to train a new generation of leaders who command the deep knowledge of facts, know how to use them effectively in debate, and are resolutely committed to achieve Peace for Israel - based on truth and not appeasement.

We invite you to take part in the unique course on Public Diplomacy where you will acquire all the skills necessary for winning the hearts and the minds of the public - both at home and abroad.

LEARN how to appear confidently in front of TV cameras, while being interviewed in English.
LEARN the necessary techniques on how to deal with hostile audiences.
LEARN facts, figures and formulas needed to discover and discredit biased reports.

ArrowStudents who will successfully complete the one-year course will be sent overseas ( USA, UK, possibly other destinations) to ACTIVELY apply what they have learned.

Among the instructors:

ArrowDr. Dmitry Radyshevsky, CEO of the Jerusalem Summit
ArrowDr. Martin Sherman (political scientist, author, regular contributor to Ynet)
ArrowAmb (ret.) Yoram Ettinger (former Congressional liaison for the Israeli Embassy in US)
ArrowItamar Marcus (director, Palestinian Media Watch)
ArrowProminent journalists and columnists; other internationally renowned scholars and public diplomacy experts.

See the tentative program at:

The course is FREE for Hebrew U students.

Admissions are limited

Applicants must be at least third-year students. Course selection criteria: course grades, command of English (all classes will be conducted in English), and an interview.

* You can find the application at:

Call 03-516-6016

Application Deadline:
September 30th

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