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Jerusalem Declaration

We have commenced this conference because we realize that our civilization has reached a turning point. While its basic security and fundamental humanistic values are challenged by a new form of totalitarianism called Radical Islam, our resolve to fight it is simultaneously undermined by the false philosophy of Moral Relativism.

We hold the struggle against totalitarianism, previously manifested by Communism and Fascism, to be the contemporary history's greatest test and challenge. Radical Islam is the third such attempt in 100 years to strangle the Free World-a very lethal attempt whose perpetrators cynically exploit the very openness of the democratic society that they seek to destroy.

Our opponents have hijacked issues like human rights and national self-determination and use them to falsely mask the ideology of Jihad. Existing international organizations provide virtually no effective moral compass. We must find a new basis for uniting the nations and use it to develop an effective moral, military and political strategy for defending our civilization.

We believe that the principles of this Declaration will help define this strategy and serve as a cornerstone upon which all the forces resisting totalitarianism and moral corrosion can unite.


The United Nations Organization has betrayed its democratic principles, turning into a tribalized confederation hijacked by Third World dictatorships, eager to aid and abet radical Islam in any way possible. While the West is the founder and the financial sponsor of the UN, this agency in its present form cannot guarantee the survival of our civilization.

The radical disparity in the political maturity of member countries has resulted in the abuse of democratic rule by simple majority. Since the Jihad impulse of radical Islam inevitably leads to a clash of civilizations, it is the principal civilizations (Europe, United States, Latin America, etc.) that should be represented in a new kind of Council, with each grouping given one vote. This will facilitate common policies against radical Islam, which will not enjoy a majority as it musters automatically in other global forums.

The principal duty of this new Council will be to reach an agreement on common moral values and adhere to them in promoting brotherly co-existence of different nations on earth. It will support international laws, foster security and advocate equitable economic and environmental policies.

The emergence of the Civilizations Council will not render the UN obsolete; the latter can still perform a number of useful functions, including humanitarian tasks, though power should not be used to prop up totalitarian regimes whose very existence contradicts the UN charter and the laws of humanity.


Billions of people believe that Jerusalem's spiritual and historical importance endows it with a special authority to become a center of world's unity.
Israel's unique geographic and historic position at the crossroads of civilizations enables it to reconcile their conflicts. Israel's unique spiritual experience enables it to find a golden mean between the fault lines dividing civilizations: between tradition and modernity, religion and science, authority and democracy.

We call upon all nations to choose Jerusalem, the eternal and indivisible capital of Israel, as a center for this evolving new unity. We believe that one of the objectives of Israel's divinely-inspired rebirth is to make it the center of the new unity of the nations, which will lead to an era of peace and prosperity, foretold by the Prophets.

Most Islamic countries, regrettably, have sworn to destroy Israel. We call on the countries of the Free World to realize the following: if the people of Israel can live in peace in their Promised Land, peace will have a chance to reign in the whole world. If radical Islam succeeds in destroying Israel, there will never be peace, and Western civilization will fall to Jihad as well.

For the sake of the entire world and therein, the land of Israel must belong to the people of Israel.


Supporting the creation of a PLO state in Judea and Samaria is a historical injustice of colossal proportion.

A tiny democracy is urged to concede the only thing it lacks - territory - to totalitarian regimes in exchange for the promises of the only thing they cannot provide - peace.

In pressuring to attain this suicidal arrangement, the "free world" betrays the very principles on which it is based. Anti-Israel and anti-Zionist attitudes, which disguise primordial anti-Semitism, constitute one area where hypocrisy in international politics is most visible.

The genesis of a totalitarian PLO state would represent an act of surrender to radical Islam's false rhetoric and a capitulation to terror.

The totalitarian PLO state would become a safe haven for international terrorism, a new Taliban-esque refuge, replete with plots to destroy both Israel and the West. Thus the future generations of the Free World will pay in blood for their fathers' moral blindness.

We call on the government of Israel to provide moral leadership to the world in the struggle against terror:
ArrowCease negotiating with terrorists and proffering mass releases of captured murderers.
ArrowEliminate the terror-sponsoring capabilities of the Palestinian Authority.
Arrow Liberate Arabs residing in Judea, Samaria and Gaza from the Jihad propaganda machine, which has turned them into a morally depraved people who worship murder and terror.
Arrow Promote a viable humanistic alternative for just and secure peace instead of creating a terrorist PLO state.

We call on all free nations to:
Arrow Unite in order to remove from power despotic Islamic regimes and re-educate an entire generation of Muslim children to embrace the democratic traditions of normative Islam.
ArrowRecognize the PLO/ PA as the terrorist organization which it is.
Arrow Cease forcing Israel to negotiate with terrorists.
Arrow Encourage Israel to establish full sovereignty throughout the land of Israel.


To wage a war against terror consistently and confidently, we must underscore the following aspects:

A. Political

We must reaffirm our faith in our values and the righteousness of our cause.

Western civilization must assume the responsibility for the millions of people who still live under despotic regimes and do their utmost to liberate them. The regimes that refuse to fight terrorism actively will be considered terrorist, and will risk removal through regime change.

All of their circle of influence -- government, clergy, media, and the armed forces -- will be held accountable for the terror acts committed with their support.

Terrorism should be regarded as a crime against humanity, and not a criminal phenomenon that can be solved by political negotiations, social benefits or economic improvement.

Finally, the ideology of Jihad must be declared a form of racism and genocide.

B. Military

We must reject the doctrine of "symmetrical response". The war against terrorism must be total, with the objective being its complete elimination.

Regimes that sponsor terror operations and allow terrorists to hide among civilians will be held responsible for any collateral damage stemming from military retaliation or liquidation of terrorists.

Terrorists should not be dealt with through ordinary judicial procedures. Their cases require emergency legislation and trials by special military courts.

C. Economical

All nations should join the US in curbing "charities" that serve as a facade for terrorism. Since Middle East oil profits have become the means of sponsoring terrorism, we must seek to establish an international trust over the regional oil reserves and using them for the welfare and enlightenment of local people. These monies will also be used towards dismantling the so-called "refugee" camps, which are currently the hotbeds of terrorism, and the resettlement of their residents. Alternative energy resources in, by and for the democratic nations must be encouraged and developed as an urgent global priority.

D. Media

We are appalled by media attempts to establish "moral equivalence" between the blood of innocents murdered by terrorists and the casualties among civilians used by terrorists as a protective shield. We must draw a clear line between terrorist acts and counter-terrorist measures.

We must dismantle the slick propaganda machine of Jihad. This includes denying publicity to terrorists and their apologists, and taking harsh sanctions against media that persist in rationalizing terror.

We must find the way to tell the decent men and women of the Islamic world the truth about the real state of corruption and tyranny in Islamic countries in general and under the Palestinian Authority in particular, encouraging them to overthrow their domineering dictatorships.

E. Academia

We must reject moral relativism and confront creeping "anti-Zionism" on Western campuses.

We must actively sponsor those who suffered the persecution from radical regimes to tour campuses and lecture students about the real objectives of radical Islam and consequences of failure to resist it.


The front line in the war we are fighting rests in the birthplace of Judeo-Christian civilization. The stakes are high: if Israel and Jerusalem are fortified, they will become the center where mankind will gather to usher in an era of peace and prosperity. But the West's failure to save them may well spell doom for civilization itself.

Just as in the past the Free World stood together against Fascism and Communism, so it today must do to combat the third challenge: radical Islam. We prevailed then, and we shall prevail now. United around Jerusalem and armed with our eternal values, we cannot fail.

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