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Dr. Rand H. Fishbein Former Professional Staff Member, U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee


In redrawing the geographic and demographic map of the region we must 1. Provide a separation of the Palestinians and the Jews. The division must be the Jordan River. 2. This will allow both peoples to chart their own destinies. 3. The Elon Plan is grounded in the fact that co-existence is impossible, and that demography is a time bomb for Israel since the Arabs have 6.2 children per family and the Jews 2.3. By the year 2020 the Arabs will be the majority here. The Palestinians are not stateless people – Jordan is Palestine. Palestine is Jordan.

To convince the US of the merits of the Elon Plan Israel must 1. Declare she will not accept the status quo. Abdullah must be part of the solution. Jordan must restore citizenship and open its doors to the Palestinians, 2. Jordan must be given every incentive, 3. In Washington the solution must be presented as good for the US, 4. Its implementation can only be achieved if Israel makes this its national policy.

Israeli settlements aren’t the problem; Arab ideology is!

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