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The Michael Cherney Foundation
National Unity Coalition for Israel
International Advisory Board

Michael Cherney, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Dr. Dmitry Radyshevsky, Executive director of the Summit
Dr. Martin Sherman, Academic Director

Gary Bauer, President, American Values

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Dr. Christopher Barder
Dr. Atalia Ben Meir
Dr. Josef Bodansky
Dr. Debora Bodlander
Dr. Ron Breiman
Dr. David Bukay
Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld
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Prof. Rafi Israeli
Dr. Mordechai Nisan
Prof. Moshe Sharon
David Pryce-Jones
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Prof. Xu Xin

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John Batchelor
Mike Evans
Michael Freund
John Loftus
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Dennis Prager
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Svietka, Project Coordinator
Jenny Grigg,
Academic Coordinator

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Dr. Mordechai Nisan


I feel there will never be a Palestinian state. We must reject a Palestinian state for these reasons: 1. Anthropology & culture: Arafat is a tribe’s shaman, the shahids are preserving the isolation of the tribe and therefore cannot consider any other ideology, because they’d be swamped by the outside world. 2. Egypt founded PLO in 1964 to serve wide Arab Islamic interests in the Middle East. 3. Political experience: the Stages of the 1974 plan – a state was proposed when Palestinians were weak and feared the world would force them to accommodate themselves. 4. Experience: They’ve proved themselves to be a destructive force in Jordan in 67, in Lebanon in 78, in Israel in 93-4. According to Prof. Huntington (Clash of Civilizations), Muslims have no political capital. If Israel loses Jerusalem, it will become the world capital of the Muslim World – a political capital… Abraham=righteousness, Isaac =Strength, Jacob = Truth, but the most importance lesson comes from Sarah: if two brothers fight, send one into the desert!

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