Prof.  Murray Kahl
Murray Kahl is an owner of Israeli & Global News that disseminates news in English, the world over, concerning Israel and its neighbors. Kahl has been the Director of the Lebanese Foundation for Peace since 1998 and has frequently, and unofficially, coordinated Israel's position with the Lebanese Christian Maronite Community in exile. He maintains that Israel must have secure borders with Lebanon and Syria as a necessary requisite for any meaningful and secure rapprochement with the Islamic world. Kahl was a former owner of Trace Metals, Inc., an Adjunct Professor at Palm Beach Community College and was the Executive Director of the Conference for Middle East Peace between 1985-2003. His kudos include uncovering little known information such as Arafat's secret speech in Stockholm in 1997. Mr. Kahl is the author of numerous documents detailing the corruption of the Arafat and the PLO, one of which was endorsed and read into the US Congressional record.
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